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Flamenco courage, bravery of matadors, warm white sand on the beach and measured noise of the azure waves of the sea, and masterpieces of architecture is only part of the reasons why Spain is so popular with tourists. Enterprising people know that the popular tourist area is the best for your business. So much so that to buy business for sale in Spain with our professional accompaniment of transactions is simply and very reliable.

Benefits of investing in spain

What attracts business in Spain? The World Bank of "Business organization" placed Spain on the 44th place ranking on the overall business environment. The situation becomes even more attractive for non-residents, that in conditions of global crisis, the Government promotes foreign investment, providing plenty of privileges and discounts.

To support entrepreneurs at the local level, there are special associations, but at the same time, Government interference in the issues of conducting affairs is minimum-hence, small business in Spain is thriving. If you speak the language of dry statistics, the country is on the 3rd place in Europe for the number of services provided to small businesses, and on the 4th place by the number of foreign investments.

Even recognized professionals of investing, billionaires Henry Kravis and Wilbur Ross advise to buy a business in Spain-hardly anyone will argue that these people know how to make money. Spain advantage in the market for European immigration is something that business can be open even by non-residents, and then, on this basis, to issue a permanent residence permit. In doing so, they would be entitled to receive credit in the banks of the Kingdom, as well as the use of public benefits. We will prepare a whole package of necessary documents and carry out the registration in the necessary authorities.

Choice of business directions

Deciding what business to open in Spain, you should also apply to official statistics: 50% small businesses are in agriculture (cropland, wineries, farms), about 30% is the service industry (hotels of varying size, restaurants), 20%-construction and industry. Popular areas are food and entertainment services (as the rest is also with entertainment-why not take advantage of this simple truth?), as well as accommodation.

Sale of businesses in Spain by our company involves selecting specific suggestions, based on your requests, it may be a mini-hotel, or operating winery, and following your requests it might be a medieval castle or a cozy apartment for the rent demanding to comfort. We offer to open business in Spain and provide maximum comfort for non-residents in solving legal issues. Among the proposals is the mass of commercial and residential real estate options, which can also be used as space for rent.

If you are planning a luxury vacation in this sunny country, also stands to benefit from the experience of professionals. Among our elite services is the rent of yachts, private jets, helicopters and balloons, tickets to all entertainment shows (from football to bullfighting) and even the possibility of visiting museums in closed hours personally for you. You can be sure that such Spain will delight and win you over.

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Re-execution of contracts

Our specialists will help you to pay tax on the purchase and to check property. Re-register a contract with the company that supplies energy, do insurance, harmonize receive correspondence, to organize the maintenance of the property. After the deal we provide free consultation for 2 months. You can also sign a contract with us, "my Spanish Secretary" that will help you do business in Spain.

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